Roman shades have their origins in the western and eastern part of Europe where they used to prevail in the era of the romanesque style. Roman blinds are even more popular today.

Roman styles have become firmly established in a number of applications such as balloon shades, roman curtains, relaxed roman shades, etc, all harmoniously fitting into the interior of modern houses. Roman drapes are a smooth cloth in the unfolded state with deep horizontal pleats. With its concise Roman style form, the curtains help to emphasize the grace of an interior while also able to combine easily with any fabric.

Our professionals would be happy to make custom roman shades as main curtains or complement them to the main ensemble. We can easily change the lighting of an interior just by hanging a few curtains. When choosing fabrics for custom made roman blinds, we think about their functionality.

Our services will give your small living room an elegant look, transforming shades in a concise and subtle way to serve as a model for the office or kitchen. We can create you a custom cozy and unique shade for the children’s rooms or a comfortable and reassuring one – for your bedrooms.

We will be glad to offer you top notch tailoring for roman blinds and more!